Happy Footballica

We Love Football So Much We Made It A Holiday


What is Footballica?

A 30-day, football-watching, wing-eating, beer-drinking celebration. To help you escape those sardine-packed shopping malls and your crazy in-laws. It all goes down November 23 See you then. Join the Party

10 Reasons to get Pumped for Footballica

  1. It's a holiday devoted to football.
  2. Sitting on a large man's lap is not part of this holiday.
  3. There will be beer, beer, and more beer.
  4. Excessive amounts of wings will be consumed.
  5. It's a great excuse to take off work.
  6. Covering yourself in body paint is not weird.
  7. This holiday doesn't involve in-laws coming to town.
  8. Fist bumps will be dished out left and right.
  9. Yelling loudly at the TV will be commended.
  10. Chest bumping is the official handshake.