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Sriracha Sizzle

A Pepper Punch

Imagine wings slathered in the wondrous flavors of “Rooster Sauce”: garlic, spice, and sweetness, intermingling with every bite.

This red-hot fusion is now a reality. But it won't last long, so get to a B-Dubs to experience Sriracha in rare form.


Big Easy Bourbon Honey Mustard

A Cajun Sensation

It's a little sweet. It's a little spicy. And it's made with real Bourbon. Get your hands on this tempting southern-inspired taste before the flavor party is over for good. Find a B-Dubs near you to try it while you can.


Honey Ginger Kick

Sweet Spicy Punch

With pure honey sweetness, tangy citrus and a signature ginger bite, you'll love Honey Ginger Kick. Find a B-Dubs near you to try it while you can.

Product does not contain Mercury. 


Wicked Wasabi

A Sudden Sting.

This wickedly zippy sauce starts out subtle but packs an eye-watering punch. Find a B-Dubs near you to try it while you can.


Classic Margarita

Sweet, Sour and Refreshing.

If you enjoy a good margarita, you'll love this zesty combination of lime, tequila and a sprinkle of salt. Sit back and enjoy at a B-Dubs near you.


Salted Caramel BBQ

Sweet Meets Savory.

We topped a honey BBQ base with a drizzle of caramel and a dash of salt. The result is one uniquely rich sauce. Find a B-Dubs to taste this rare treat.


Ghost Pepper

A Relentless Burn.

The burn comes in hot and builds to unbearable. One taste and your mouth will never be the same. Try it at your nearest B-Dubs today... if you dare.


Korean BBQ

A Clash of Flavors

Soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and chili pepper rumble to create this crowd-pleasing sauce. Throw it down for a limited time at your local B-Dubs.


Chipotle Cherry Sting

A Delicious Contradiction.

The unique contrast of spicy and sweet makes Chipotle Cherry Sting one desirable flavor. Experience love at first taste for a limited time at your local B-Dubs.

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